Distinguishing Your Business

Strategic Services

Ask yourself what do you need to make your business grow. A new image? A refined image? Expansion into a different market? A new marketing strategy for your web venture?

My primary design focus is in developing database-driven, responsive websites built with outstanding content management systems, along with corporate identities, branding, and print collateral materials to coordinate with your online presence.


From developing a custom website or custom app to making your existing website responsive, I can help you get the competitive edge you need for your online strategy.

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The most visually appealing website or White Paper will only engage customers if it has well-written copy, and provides them the information they are looking for in a concise fashion.

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Strategy & Consulting

Not sure where to start? I can help you refine your ideas and develop an image and marketing plan that successfully represents the identity you need to present.

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Collateral Marketing

High-quality business cards and brochures still make significant impressions. I will make sure all of your collateral materials and promotional items remain consistent with your overall image.

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Brand Identity

A comprehensive identity is more than just a website. You must distinguish yourself from your competitors through a cohesive, strong, unique brand.

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Content Management

It is essential to be able to manage the content of your own website. It shouldn’t be necessary to hire someone to change the content of your website unless you specifically want to.

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Beginning The Project

For a successful marketing strategy, a solid foundation and workflow are essential. From discovery to future maintenance, it is important to understand the process in order to create realistic expectations.



Discuss goals & define scope
Explore current marketing
Analyze competition

The Discovery Phase — is all too often cut short for the expedience of getting a project started quickly. This almost always leads to complicated revisions and dissatisfaction because goals weren’t defined clearly. In order to avoid this, I will create a development strategy that includes exploring your current marketing, analyzing your competition, and determining the most effective integration into your market.



Construct project outline
Develop a content strategy
Create design standards

The Planning Phase — once we understand the goals of the project, we can begin the planning of the designs, features, and overall structure of the project.  It is in this phase that we will work towards meeting your business goals and objectives. We will finalize outlines, workflows, and content.



Design all graphics
Install software & plugins
Test rigorously

The Development Phase — during this phase, the actual nuts and bolts of building happen.  The approved design and copy will be integrated into a finalized product.  As this phase progresses, you will be updated regularly to ensure your satisfaction with the project.



Launch project
Announce new design
Monitor launch

The Deployment Phase — once development and testing are finished and the final product is approved, it is time to introduce your project to your customers, clients, and/or constituents.  If web-based, this is when your new website will be launched or transitioned from your previous site.

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